Whoopi Is Not Mad 'the System Is Rigged Against the White Guy''

"It's been rigged against women for years."

On Tuesday's edition of The View hostess Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she did not care the DNC system was rigged because it was at the expense of the "white guy." Democrat National Committee emails leaked last week revealed the committee was working to help Hillary Clinton win the nomination and defeat her opponent Bernie Sanders. The ladies of The View were upset that Bernie supporters were shouting and disrupting the convention. 

Whoopi said the Bernie supporters should be supporting Hillary because the system "has been rigged against women for years!"

“All these wonderful young people” should support “the first female that actually might become President.”

She added, “[T]o boo someone who has had just as difficult a time getting to where she's getting to, she wasn't born with a silver spoon!”

Whoopi said, "I don't get it. Because you all like to talk about how the system is rigged. The system has been rigged forever. It's been rigged against women for years. For years. But, you know, I don't remember anybody booing about that…[T]his idea that you didn't know the system was rigged, do your homework. It's been rigged for years."

"So I can’t look at those and get mad. I can’t get mad that the system is rigged against the white guy. I can’t."

Fellow hostess Joy Behar added, Donald Trump probably “doesn’t want black people in the White House anymore.”