Behar on CPAC: The Right Has ‘Penchant for Nazis Now

"The fringe has become the norm."

On today's edition of The View, the clucking hosts flapped their left-wings over last week's Conservative Political Action Conference, which featured the likes of Fox News host Laura Ingraham and President Donald Trump. The leftist ladies' feathers were particularly ruffled over what they claimed was a sinister turn toward the dark side on the part of the GOP: according to shrill Joy Behar, the Right has embraced "Nazis" and "fascists."

Guest host Meredith Vieira -- who co-helmed The View from 1997 to 2006 -- praised CPAC speaker Mona Charen for her call to arms in the fight against sexual harassment, claiming that that sort of rhetoric would, before a conservative crowd, result in "get(ting) booed or possibly worse." Vieira's comment sparked Behar, who laid an egg of idiocy by excoriating the party as supporters of Hitler:

“The CPAC group invited this woman from France, Marine Le Pen, whose father was a Holocaust denier, a total fascist and a Nazi and Marine Le Pen the daughter, thinks her father was very good and right and everything else and they invited her.”

According to Behar -- who was mistaking Marion Le Pen with French politician Marine Le Pen -- the party of Roosevelt and Lincoln has "a penchant" for the Third Reich:

“There’s like this penchant for Nazis now with Charlottesville, and the Neos and the ‘good guys on both sides,’ and now Marine Le Pen.”

Perhaps Behar isn't aware of the fact that "Nazi" stands for "National Socialists," which more accurately describes the political leanings of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, or even more so her favorite 2016 candidate, Bernie Sanders, about whom Behar once said, "I am actually aroused by him."

Co-host Sunny Hostin posited, "It's sort of extreme, right?" The left-wing attorney asked token conservative Meghan McCain:

“How do you wrestle your party and bring it back to the party that you grew up in?"

According to Vieira, the GOP might be ruined forever. "[Fixing it] may not be possible," she warned. "Maybe not while Trump is president," Hostin followed.

McCain indicated that divisions exist in the Democratic party as well, pointing to the component of left-wing voters who sided with Bernie Sanders against corrupt Hillary Clinton, as well as a backlash against the re-election pursuit of California's Dianne Feinstein. Undeterred -- and despite the fact that America's most fascistic organization, Antifa, is firmly on the Left -- Behar insisted that fascism is a problem relegated to the right side of the political aisle:

“That's traditional politics. We're talking about something much worse here, at CPAC. You’re talking about fascist conversations. You’re talking about people who are neo-Nazis.”

Neo-Nazis at CPAC? Yes, according to the insanity of The View's left-wing hosts. 

"The fringe has become the norm," Whoopi Goldberg announced. Hostin exclaimed, "The face of the party!" 

So long as the Left persists with such extreme, baseless, and evil characterizations of conservatives, they will continue to ostracize most of America. There may be some who are fooled by their devilish framing of the GOP, but those who are even moderately aware of politics will see their attempts as what they are: desperate lies from the losing side of an ideological war. The Democrats should know better; their extremism is what got them here in the first place.