Whoopi Knows Better than Harvard, Claims Trump Received ’All Positive' Coverage’

Ahahahahahahahahaha. Yep, she’s really that clueless.

With each story posted at TruthRevolt about ABC’s The View, it seems like the hosts can’t get any more ridiculous than the last, but they prove us wrong every time.

This time, Whoopi Goldberg makes a claim that would mean researchers at Harvard University are dead wrong. Apparently, Whoopi is just that smart — at least in her mind.

Harvard released a study about the media coverage surrounding President Trump and concluded that 98% of it was negative, across NBC, CNN, CBS, NY Times, Washington Post, and the BBC. But Goldberg, in her infinite wisdom, came to the exact opposite conclusion and stated Trump received “all positive” coverage, claiming exactly “98% positive.” 

Newt Gingrich was on the program Tuesday and said he was surprised Trump received the kind of support from the public when the media coverage was so negative. He cited Harvard’s report. Goldberg raised her hand like an impatient school child to rebut actual facts:

“So, do you mean, because I recall and maybe I'm crazy, but I recall from the time the gentleman came down the escalator until the time he won, he was 24/7 on every television on every network forcing — making one of the head of the networks saying, ‘Yeah, it wasn't good for America but it was great for us.’ It was all positive until people started asking questions.”

Gingrich was astonished at her ignorance and responded, “It wasn’t all positive.”

Stuttering, Goldberg shot back, “No, no, 98% of it was positive, Newt.”

The entire interview was a gigantic disagreement between the liberal ladies and the Republican, but that goes without saying on The View.

H/T Newsbusters