Harvard Study Shows Media’s Coverage of Trump is 98% Negative

The evidence is clear. It’s not just bias, it’s agenda.

Turn on any nightly news broadcast or crack open a newspaper anywhere in the country and it will be immediately clear that President Trump is target number one. It’s something he regularly talks about and that really bugs the media. However, Harvard University just released a study that shows he has full right to complain because the extent of the media’s bias against Trump is worse than anyone thought.

Scouring 10 major broadcast and print outlets, the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy discovered that as many as 98% of the reports were negative against Trump. CNN and NBC both tied for the worst tone in its coverage, then CBS, NY Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal respectively. Fox News was more even handed, but still reported negatively over 50% of the time. European news outlets were drastically anti-Trump, as well. Check out the chart below:

The study broke down across top issues and again, the news outlets covered Trump’s ideas negatively, with immigration, health care, Russia and the election at the top:

The only issued covered most positively, at around 80%, was the cruise missile attack against Syria.

Trump is relentlessly mocked for his obsession with the media and some might argue that Barack Obama or George W. Bush had it worse. However, the Harvard study proves them dead wrong.

For Trump’s first 100 days overall, 80% of the coverage was negative. Bush was also ruthlessly mocked during his presidency but fared much better in his first 100 days, receiving 57% negative coverage. Surprisingly, Bill Clinton did slightly worse than Bush, getting 60% negative coverage. But guess what? President Obama was only covered negatively 41% in his first 100 days, enjoying nearly 60% favorability among the mainstream media.

Quick! Somebody tell Whoopi Goldberg.

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Photo credit: Shotboxer Portland via Foter.com / CC BY