WATCH: Pelosi Still Struggling with Words and Stuff

Wait, what was I saying?

Look, we’re all getting older and thanks to that cold, hard reality, our minds ain’t what they used to be. But then again, most of us aren’t running the country. However, Nancy Pelosi is and it’s hard not to notice her mental faculties weakening by the day.

New video from Sunday shows Pelosi speaking in New York City and making several awkward pauses mid-sentence to formulate her thoughts. American Mirror highlighted those instances:

Speaking about her father, Pelosi said, “He was part of a group called the Berkson Group and they did rallies and pageants and parades and um, and when he stood up on the floor of Congress, ‘I stand here as a representative of the—” she said before halting and staring at the audience.

Then she resumed, “members of the Jewish army.”

Moments later, while she was talking about a planning an agenda after losing four special elections, she said, “For us, we have to make sure that our members—-participate in that.”

While urging liberals to tell their Obamacare story, Pelosi said, “At least go to Facebook, Twitter, whatever— Instagram— any platform that you want.”

A short time later, she froze as she was talking about the Republican healthcare overhaul bill.

“Home care— some, you know, people are at home but they still get care from, uh— from Medicaid,” she said, after momentarily staring at the audience and seemingly groping for words.

She added, “It will have a tremendous impact on what families can do for their children—” she said, continuing to motion with her hands with no words being said, before finally saying, “with relationship to what they need to do.”

We’ve chronicled here at TruthRevolt the many times Pelosi has slurred her words, said something strange, or called President Trump “President Bush,” completely skipping over Barack Obama’s presidency altogether. Yet, the House minority leader insists its Trump who has mental problems.

Earlier this month, Pelosi was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe advising the current president (that’s Trump in case you forgot) to “get some sleep” so that all of his “synapses” are firing. But then made this curious statement: “I think his family should be concerned about his health. But the fact is, is that this is hopefully not reparable. He is the president of the United States.” 

Host Joe Scarborough had to quickly correct her, saying, “You mean, you hope it is reparable.”

Yeah, yeah, that’s what she meant to say. But it was just hours later during her daily press conference where she once again criticized “President Bush” and also forgot the day of the week.

Another strange thing happened in late May when Pelosi was commenting on President Trump’s first visit abroad. She was astonished he didn’t travel to the foreign countries in alphabetical order:

Then there was this garbled speech, full of mispronunciations:

We’ve said it before: term limits are a fantastic idea and this is all the proof we need. Of course, there’s a lot of winning going on for Republicans with her around, so, what’s another couple of years?