High School Forced to Delete Patriotic Pic of Soldiers Resting After Hurricane Rescue

The world has gone crazy.

Because the world is completely upside down, a Texas high school was forced to delete a picture it posted on social media praising the hard work of the National Guard for its rescue efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The picture of servicemen and women lining the empty school hallway taking a much-deserved rest was posted by the Katy High School football team’s Twitter account. It was widely shared across all social media platforms as well as throughout the mainstream media. The picture was captioned: “These are the real heroes.”

Not many details were given why the picture was so offensive to some other than the complaints centered on them sleeping on the floor, but the @Katyfootball account gave a multi-tweet explanation that they had more pressing matters to deal with than a bunch of trolls:







And then they were blamed for "caving in:"







But this isn't dampening their spirits: