Pelosi Delusional: Democrats Beating Republicans, ‘We’ve Won Every Fight

Especially that one in November, 2016. Yeah, big win.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seems to have forgotten that her job title has “minority” in it because she thinks Democrats are sweeping the Republicans and have “won every fight” against them. (Like when Hillary lost? Just checking.)

Pelosi said this in what could be dubbed “the interview that keeps on giving.” Speaking to local San Francisco media KRON4 this week, Pelosi flubbed a metaphor, saying the First Amendment doesn’t protect a citizen from yelling “wolf” in a crowded theater, as TruthRevolt reported. That proved her brain can’t tell the difference between a canine and fire. But in the same interview, the congresswoman proved she’s also having delusions of grandeur.

Pelosi was offended by the reporter who asked why the Democrats can’t capitalize on a Republican Party that is in such “disarray:”

“What do you mean ‘not capitalize?’ We’ve beaten them on the — in appropriations. We've won every fight. The president's numbers are in the high 30s, which is, for a new president, remarkable to be so low. He is making his own case. The American people see for themselves that he does not share their values and that he does not—some who may have voted for him are now rethinking and others are just digging in their heels."

Pelosi went on to say that she expects her party to “take back the Congress” in 2018 and hopes to pick up a few Republicans along the way, offering them the Dem’s Papa John’s-inspired slogan, “Our better deal. Better jobs. Better pay. Better future.” 

Better schedule a mental health evaluation.

H/T Washington Free Beacon