WATCH: Don’t Be Fooled, Women’s March Nothing More Than Anti-Trump Protest

"We hate Trump."

Feminists want everyone to believe that the Women’s March is actually about women, but footage from inside the protests proves otherwise.

TruthRevolt has already covered the vile, hateful signage that women were carrying and children were reading. These signs were not at all limited to women’s issues as the name implies. Every identity group held signs representing their own cause. But there was one thing that all the signs had in common: they were viciously anti-Trump.

Info Wars put its reporters on the ground inside the various marches in big cities around the country and their cameras captured the true spirit of the protests, and it isn’t pretty.

Marchers were asked, “What brings you out here?” Responses included, “We hate Trump,” and “Donald Trump and his stupid administration.” That was generally followed up with them saying they want to spread love, not hate. That wasn’t the experience of the Info Wars reporters as they were cursed at, shoved, intimidated, and spat on. If love indeed trumps hate, these leftists didn’t show it.

That’s why our own Amelia Hamilton points out that the real march for women was the March for Life — the well-attended pro-life march that mainstream media outlets gave just minutes of airtime covering. President Trump was the first sitting president to ever speak at a March for Life and all the media could point out were the few anti-Trump protesters that gathered. Meanwhile, their wall-to-wall coverage of the so-called Women’s March sanitized the true nature and spirit of the protests that we and other outlets like Info Wars are trying to show. The MSM will never show the vulgarity on display. If they showed all the signs with crude references to vaginas, they could no longer complain that Trump did the same in a private conversation 12 years ago.

Piety on the outside, hatred on the inside. Preach tolerance, but practice intolerance. This is leftism.

Watch above and below: