Vile, Hateful Signs Aplenty at Women’s March

All the insults only a middle schooler could love.

Once again, a year after Donald Trump’s inauguration, leftists hit the streets to join together in another Women’s March to let us know in the most juvenile of ways that they still hate the president.

Grown men and women wearing pink pussy hats (yet again) held signs full of sexuality and profanity. There were no shortage of images and props of vaginas, which were all seen by the young children walking with their parents. Signs that made a reappearance from last year included “Pussy Grabs Back,” “No Country for Old White Men,” and even things not related to women’s issues at all like “Black Lives Matter,” and other assorted social justice messages and even denouncements of Islamophobia. It’s clear the agenda of these marches is not limited to feminism but appropriated for every manner of leftist ideals.

Here is a sampling of the insults written by adults whose depraved humor never developed past middle school:

Examples of leftist agenda outside of women's issues: