‘The View’ Hosts Unload on Mike Huckabee for Calling them ‘Irrational’

Whoopi is pissed!

After Mike Huckabee and his daughter, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, left The View on Wednesday, the former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate went on Fox Business and said the ladies have an “irrational” fear of President Trump. The hosts didn’t like that one bit and blasted the Republican on Thursday’s broadcast.

As TruthRevolt reported, the Huckabees were in the hot seat as the ladies grilled them with loaded questions and accusations against the president. They were looking for a “gotcha” moment that never came. But today, the ladies don’t think they did anything wrong and called out Mr. Huckabee for his comments.

On Fox Business, Huckabe came on “to reveal the bruises” he received from Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, who said he used to be her favorite Republican. He said conservatives should go into the “lion’s den” and give well-reasoned arguments for their ideas.

"We've got a position, we're willing to defend it, and, frankly, it juxtaposes our view and our spirit versus theirs, which is full of anger and irrational hatred toward the president,” he said.

The View played that clip and responded.

"You know what, we really worked hard to do a fair interview and I resent that you would do that," Goldberg addressed Huckabee directly. "I resent that you would do that because you would never say that about Stephen Colbert, you would never say that about… Trevor Noah."

The ladies inferred that perhaps he was using the term to be derogative toward women.

Behar went as far as to say no one hates Trump, especially herself, unlike all the hate directed at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Sunny Hostin said The View is always “careful to be fact-based.” Behar agreed, noting how she quoted the “unbiased” Politifact which says Trump lies 95% of the time.

Even the right-leaning host, Jedediah Bila was offended by Huckabee’s “name calling.”

“We didn’t do that to you,” Golberg repeated. “We made it a point, because we do know you and we respected your daughter and I’m just kind of pissed off about this, Mike, because it’s not right. It’s not right. And I’ve never been irrational.”