Huckabee Sanders: My Babies Have Prepared Me to Deal with Whiny Press Corps

Sick burn.

Not unlike most days, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was in the hot seat Wednesday, taking questions from yet another group of belligerent talking heads: the ladies on The View.

As would be expected, hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin in particular came prepared with very loaded questions, such as, “How can you sit here and say [Trump’s] not a racist?” or “You're a religious person. Some of the things that have come out of this mouth, are so against the Bible, so unreligious of him. How can you support someone like that?” However, each one was expertly put down by a calm, cool, and collected Sanders, who had her dad, Mike Huckabee, sitting beside her.

There’s very good reason Huckabee Sanders can easily handle such childish antics as she did on the show and does every day in the West Wing. She has a three kids — 5, 4, and 2 — and she told the ladies they have been her training ground:

“[They’re my] Little babies. So they have perfectly prepared me to deal with the White House press corp. I get to answer the same question all day long. And I've gotten pretty good at saying no. I think my kids have been a perfect foundation for my job.”

Goldberg had to get a jab in on Trump, saying he’s a baby, too.

Behar said she was “surprised” and “shocked” that the Huckabees would even appear on the show. It was easy to tell the hosts were out for blood and were relentless in their attempts to crack Huckabee Sanders’ egg. Instead, she delivered well-reasoned responses. In a particularly great moment, Sanders explained that the friction between the White House and reporters has shown how far from true journalism the industry has strayed:

“But it's also journalists obligation to present facts, not opinions. It's the American people's ability to get to take those facts and decide where they want to come down on an issue. To me, a good news story is if all the facts are presented and you don't know which side the author of that story is on.

“I think we need to get back to a little bit less editorial comments from the media and a little bit more fact delivering to the American people.”

Behar barked, “Is the media supposed to not report on the fact that 95% of what [Trump] says is a lie?

Sanders overcame the applauding audience and devastated her with this truth: “The problem with that, Joy, is that you are doing exactly what we're talking about and pushing a false narrative.”

At least Sanders was recognized, if not reluctantly, as only the third woman in history to have a role as press secretary in an administration and the first mother ever to land the job. Not that they celebrated that accomplishment for long.

Watch part two below: