Shapiro Suggested As Replacement For Morgan

Article on Morgan's demise lists TruthRevolt Editor as possible successor

TruthRevolt Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro has been named as a possible successor to failed talk show host Piers Morgan, according to an article published in The Wire, Monday.

Morgan's show has recently been canceled due to poor ratings, with the final episodes scheduled to run next month. In discussing the many critics of Morgan's show, which included transgendered Americans and gun rights advocates, the article turned to potential successors:

As for Morgan's replacement, some conservatives suggested people like Ben Shapiro, the editor at large at Breitbart, who had explosive fights with Morgan. Last month Shapiro appeared on Morgan's show and accused him of bullying the right on guns by "standing on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook."

Shapiro currently hosts two radio talk shows, and serves as an editor for both TruthRevolt and Breitbart.