Chris Matthews' Live Blooper

During the conclusion of a segment on Hardball with Chris Matthews about Chris Christie and the 'Bridgegate' scandal, the MSNBC host made a gaffe while thanking his two guests, and then had an awkward 20 seconds of silence while still on air. 

After much speculation by the guests and Matthews about whether or not former Christie staffer Bridget Kelly would testify to a New Jersey Committee investigating the scandal on Tuesday, Matthews attempted to say goodbye to his guests.

After telling NBC News' Michael Isikoff he appreciated his ambush interview attempt of Kelly, he then tried to thank guest Chris Cillizza from The Washington Post but mistakenly said, "Chris Christie." Matthews chuckled and asked to "try that again" as Cillizza joked "Six of one, half dozen of the other." Matthews then said,

Let's go back and do that again. Just a minute, let me do that over again, please please.

When Matthews started to say thanks to Isikoff again he stopped short of thanking Cillizza as presumably a producer was counting down. Then all three men were looking into the cameras unaware they were still on air before the news network cut to commercial after 20 seconds. 

Matthews never addressed the incident during the remainder of his show.