USA Today Praises NFL, Decries “Racist” Trump

“The NFL had one of its finest moments.”

In response to the NFL’s show of solidarity against the President of the United States and in defense of protesting what the American flag represents, Monday’s issue of USA Today saw columnist Nancy Armour praising the National Football League.

Hailing the league’s protest of the National Anthem, Armour called the spectacle “one of its finest moments.”

Calling Trump “racist,” the journalist compared players’ refusal to stand respectfully during "The Star-Spangled Banner" to the heroism of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in Major League Baseball.

She gushes,

The scenes, and the statements, were extraordinary. Empty sidelines in Nashville and Chicago. Jacksonville owner Shad Khan standing arm in arm with his players. The Miami Dolphins wearing "I’m With Kap" T-shirts during warm-ups. Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis eloquently explaining his change of heart about players protesting during the National Anthem.

The NFL had one of its finest moments…players, coaches, owners and league office – in forceful rebuke of the latest torrent of hate from President Donald Trump….The NFL’s rare show of unity was…a dignified condemnation of the wrongs we still must right.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that these protests by privileged multimillionaires are repellant to many Americans, Armour does object to Trump’s defense of the Stars and Stripes, calling his remarks about firing protesting players “as ignorant as they were inflammatory, yet more racist dog whistles for his base.”

Armour can’t help herself; even when delighting in an exhibition of anti-Americanism, she must invoke that racial prism through which the Left sees all: “No one is naïve enough to assume the NFL will now be the standard bearer in this latest fight for civil rights; moving as all the demonstrations were, it did not go unnoticed that the theme was ‘unity’ rather than inequality, and that very few white players took a knee.”