Marvel's Editor Pulled an Elizabeth Warren, Guess Which One HuffPost Cares About

“Some comic book fans are now calling for Cebulski to step down.”

Anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to American politics knows that the Left is absolutely, mind-numbingly obsessed with race. Unless, of course, it relates to the transgressions of one of their own.

Take Elizabeth Warren, for example: as the National Review puts it, the 100% white congressional Democrat “largely faked her way to the top.” At Harvard Law School, she was considered a “minority hire” due to her posing as an American Indian woman. Subsequently, a 1997 Fordham Law Review article called her Harvard Law’s “first woman of color.” In fact, while posing as a Cherokee, she contributed to a cookbook: her recipe was for “Pow Wow Chow.” The cultural appropriation police would not approve.

Fast forward to 2017, and Donald Trump’s hilarious labeling of Warren as “Pocahontas” continues to have legs. Nevertheless, calls her “the soul of the Democratic Party.” She may get a pass, but what of others pretending to be minorities for the perks of being “other?”

Meet C.B. Cebulski, newly appointed editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics. Cebulski recently admitted to a dastardly deed: in the early 2000s, the white comic book staffer pretended to be Japanese, writing under the name Akira Yoshida. The horror!

Cebulski was recently outed via a tweet by brand manager for Image Comics, Dave Brothers, who wrote:

“Hey comics journo friends: we should definitely be asking Marvel and new EiC CB Cebulski on why he chose to use the pen name Akira Yoshida in the early 2000s to write a bunch of ‘Japanese-y’ books for them.”


The Huffington Post reports Tuesday on Cebulski’s race fraud, interviewing the guilty party:

“‘I stopped writing under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida after about a year,’ Cebulski, who was announced as Axel Alonso’s successor in November and took over the reins at Marvel this week, said in a statement. ‘It wasn’t transparent, but it taught me a lot about writing, communication and pressure. I was young and naïve and had a lot to learn back then.’ Cebulski called the issue “all old news that has been dealt with” and added that he was looking forward to his new position.”

HuffPost is quick to castigate Cebulski:

“Cebulski’s use of an Asian-sounding pseudonym is drawing ire as another example of white creators adopting an identity from marginalized groups for their benefit.
‘Someone from a group that historically finds it easiest to be employed adopts a pseudonym to take one of the few positions in this country that he doesn’t naturally qualify for,’ podcast host Shaun Lau pointed out on Twitter.”

HP goes on to question what damage Cebulski might have done to the potential careers of Asian comics writers:

“‘Were there other, actually Japanese people who were rejected as a result of Cebulski/Yoshida’s hire?’ Lau asked, wondering whether ‘Yoshida’ might have been chosen over other candidates for being chosen as a better ‘fit’ due to his perceived ethnicity.”

HuffPo is letting him off the hook:

“Some comic book fans are now calling for Cebulski to step down.”

Furthermore, HuffPost compares Cebulski to another low-life white person trying to use minority status to get a leg up:

"News of Cebulski’s pseudonym recalls a 2015 incident where it was revealed that a poem by Yi-Fen Chou in the 2015 edition of Best American Poetry was actually penned by Michael Derrick Hudson of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hudson, a white man, chose the name to in an effort to up his chances at getting his poem published...'Hudson exploited one of the few moments in which an editor of color was in a position to give a tiny bit of space to historically marginalized voices — so that one more white man’s voice could be heard,' poet Franny Choi told HuffPost’s Claire Fallon at the time.”

Hmmm…you know who it really sounds like? Elizabeth Warren. But don’t expect The Huffington Post to demand her head; they’re too busy siding with the Democrat in her war with President Trump, who actually called her on her racial fakery. HuffPo is in the tank for Warren, absurdly calling President Trump a racist for his choice of words. Indeed, the publication's last three headlines for the senator were “Elizabeth Warren Rallies Supporters Against Trump’s Consumer Watchdog Appointment” and “Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump’s ‘Racist Slurs’ Won’t Shut Me Up,” and “Trump Brings Back ‘Pocahontas’ Slur Of Elizabeth Warren At Event For Native American Veterans.”

Moreover, HuffPost isn't the only media outlet protecting the senator. Warren and the mainstream media are clearly in cahoots. They must’ve had a powwow.