Pelosi Calls on Conyers to Resign Days After Calling Him ‘Icon’


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has asked for accused sexual groper Rep. John Conyers’ (D-MI) resignation on Thursday just days after defending the longest-serving Dem as an “icon” on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Conyers stands accused by several women of sexual harassment and misconduct, one of which he paid $27,000 in hush money using public funds. Speaking to NBC’s Chuck Todd, Pelosi brushed off the allegations, discredited the victims, and praised him for his record on women’s issues:

“We are strengthened by due process. Just because someone is accused — Was it one accusation, is it two? John Conyers is an icon in our country. He’s done a great deal to protect women; the Violence Against Women Act, which the left-w… right-wing is now quoting me praising him for his work on that and he did great work.”

Pelosi politically dodged Todd’s questions on whether Conyers should resign and doubled down on her doubts of the women’s accusations, again citing “due process.”

But by Thursday, the faux-feminist had completely changed her mind on all points:

“Congressman Conyers should resign. The allegations against Congressman Conyers, as we've heard more and more since Sunday, are serious, disappointing and very credible. It's very sad. A brave woman came forward...Zero tolerance means consequences for everyone — no matter how great a legacy is no license to harass or discriminate."

It was also announced on Thursday that the 88-year-old Conyers was admitted to the hospital for stress and blamed it on the “media assault." What does he want, a sympathy card?