Left-Leaning 'Designated Survivor' Shifts Gears with Butt-Kicking President

"You provided sanctuary and assistance to the people who attacked my country — September 11, 2001. Take him into custody!"

Every now and then, the Left gets it Right. Such is the case in Wednesday’s episode of the normally left-leaning ABC drama Designated Survivor.

In the November 29th installment, titled “Home,” President Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland) goes to Afghanistan to work out a secret strategy for negotiating with local warring factions in U.S. territories. Sounding like a lefty Commander-in-Chief, Kirkman concedes to the warlords:

“Both our nations have been down this road before. Promises were made, our money spent, yet everything remained the same.”

In the process of Kirkman trying to find favor with the leaders in order to attain peace, a suicide bombing attack kills four soldiers in a CIA safe house nearby. Surprisingly, instead of the President tucking tail and getting out of there, Kirkman stays put and commits to finding the culprit behind the deadly attack.  

Eventually, the President discovers that the person behind the murderous bombing is none other than one of the warlords he’s been meeting with. Kirkman confronts the evildoer and does his best Clint Eastwood. The Afghani predictably calls America “invaders,” but Kirkman isn’t having any of it. He lays down the law with righteous anger, Republican-style:

Kirkman: We killed one of the attackers and retrieved his cellphone. Your number was in it. Your name, your number. You planned the attack.

Bahri: Mr. President –

Kirkman: You killed Americans! And for that, you will pay. You will never see your precious sunlight again.

Bahri: You come to our country...desecrate it...and you expect to be welcomed like heroes? You are invaders. And invaders deserve death!

Kirkman: This is the part you always get wrong — you provided sanctuary and assistance to the people who attacked my country — September 11, 2001. Take him into custody!


For a show that's displayed a wealth of leftist takes on various issues thus far -- from gun control to illegal immigration to racism -- Monday's episode provides a refreshingly patriotic portrait of America doing what it should: standing up for our country.