University Revamping ‘Social Justice Advocate’ Position, Too ‘Politically Charged’

You think?!

Last week, TruthRevolt brought you the story about the University of Arizona hiring tattletales to turn in students for “bias incidents.” Well, after some pressure brought on by conservative outlets such as ours, the administration is rethinking its “Social Justice Advocate” position.

Before it was scrubbed from U of A’s website, the SJA position sought students who were dedicated to multiculturalism and had an “understanding of one’s own self through critical reflection of power and privilege, identity and intersectionality, systems of socialization, cultural competency and allyship as they pertain to the acknowledgement, understanding and acceptance of differences.” Besides that rambling laundry list, the SJAs would also promote inclusiveness on campus, host talks on social justice, and most controversially, would turn in other students for perceived acts of bigotry. And all for the low, low price of $10 an hour! (As I said before, the campus snowflakes are already turning students in for bias, so, why not get paid?)

The backlash the university received for such an outrageous employment position caused them to reevaluate the offer. Now, instead of the job listing, the website reads, “This position is currently closed. We are in the process of reviewing the title and responsibilities.”

Spokesperson Pam Scott said, “It’s best to use a title that isn’t politically charged” and noted how the term social justice “just set off alarms.”

And rightfully so. Tattletales have never been popular in school and paying them to be the campus Gestapo has "unconstitutional" written all over it.

H/T Campus Reform


Photo credit: custer_flux via / CC BY-NC-SA