Public University Offers Job to Promote Social Justice on Campus

But they have to pay for a class first to qualify for the position!

It pays to be a social justice warrior on campus. Universities not only offer cash awards for advancing social justice, they also offer benefits such as segregated housing just for SJWs (so much for diversity) and even a major in social justice. Now, Oregon State University is offering jobs to students in the new “field.”

OSU is currently seeking two qualified candidates to work 20 hours a week alongside the Diversity and Cultural Engagement office as Social Change Leadership Liaisons. (Take a second to laugh that off!) They will get a whopping $11.25 per hour to annoy the crap out of everyone. Notice that’s not quite the full $15 leftists generally demand for menial work, but it’s getting there.

Qualified applicants must be able to demonstrate “sensitivity” to the various “isms” across the leftist spectrum: “racism, sexism, cis-sexism, homophobia, classism, ablism [sic].” SJW liaisons will then need to help facilitate “dialogue on difference, power, and identity and then co-facilitate such dialogue in ways that strengthen community and encourage deep learning.”

There is one catch, however. Applicants only qualify for the position if they’ve taken a two-credit course called Foundations of Social Justice Leadership at OSU and finish with a C+ or higher. That’s going to cost in-state students almost $500 and out-of-state students over $1,500. Campus Reform did the math:

As the position pays $11.25 an hour, this means that in-state students would need to work 43.55 hours to pay for the required class, while out-of-state students would need to work 135.37 hours.

Steve Clark, the media relations vice president at OSU, contacted Campus Reform to clarify the requirements and payment options:

The required course qualifies for degree credit that a student can use in earning a degree from Oregon State University, in lieu of other credit hour requirements that would be required to take in their major for their degree. So for students in this degree major… there is no additional expense. As well, applicants for this position can choose to make a special request and audit and complete this course for no credit and in doing so, pay no tuition. Students in financial need attending at Oregon State, as well, have many opportunities to apply for and receive financial aid. 

But that doesn’t erase the fact that a state-funded institution is paying students — quite well — to run around campus and push an extremist, leftist agenda. Where are the liaison jobs for conservatives to push freedom, liberty, and self-reliance? Not that TruthRevolt would accuse any college of bias or anything.