Bisexual Student Threatened for Speaking Offensive Truth About Islam

"It felt like I was in high school again."

Once upon a time, facts and education went hand-in-hand. That was before the radical Left took over public schools and universities, turning them into indoctrination centers. Today, your local college campus is at least as likely to promulgate lies as pursue truth; and sometimes, in an effort to propagandize properly, the left-wing powers of identitiy politics are forced to choose one favored victim group over another.

Such a case occurred recently at University of Texas at San Antonio. Graduate student Alred MacDonald was called into the Philosophy Department chair’s office, where he was ordered to immediately cease making “derogatory” comments, lest he be disciplined by the school.

According to an interview with The College Fix, MacDonald’s high crime took place during a campus conversation: as a bisexual, he verbalized his dismay that he could be killed in 10 Muslim countries, a brutal reality that was less offensive to his listeners than the fact that he had expressed an embarrassing truth about Islam.

Muslims rank higher on the Left’s scale of victimhood than LGBT members. Therefore, MacDonald — though absolutely correct — had to be decisively dealt with by the Department chair for his multiculturalist transgression. Subsequently, he transferred to another school.

About his run-in with the anti-truth, thought-policing Left, he told The Fix:

“In the philosophy department, there was an overwhelming sense that everyone wasn’t saying everything they were thinking. Very few people — students or faculty — were direct with their complaints about virtually anything…The graduate students were reserved to an unusual degree…It felt like I was in high school again; people should be direct, straightforward, and transparent with each other to the extent that this is socially possible, and this was the opposite of what I experienced.”

This is political correctness.

The cultural Marxists are increasingly tightening their noose around the pulsing neck of reality. These agents of fascism enslave others to their totalitarian narratives over the truth. We who believe in liberty must stand against those who would banish the truth, on campus and off.

Photo credit: wiredforlego via / CC BY-NC