UC Berkeley Conservatives Being ’Stalked, Chased, Harassed’ by Antifa

“It has become socially acceptable in Berkeley to physically beat someone for being conservative.”

According to members of the University of California-Berkeley College Republicans (BCR), they are being “routinely harassed and have been chased, punched, stalked and spat on,” by members of Antifa.

The conservative students have been confronted by the black-masked leftists, threatened with baseball bats, and had their cars beaten with lead pipes. Antifa is also “doxxing” the BCR members and releasing their personal information online. The group called Berkeley Antifa rallies its black-booted thugs via Twitter and pinpoints the exact locations where BCR members are gathered and posts the conservative’s names:

Graffiti reading “Kill All BCRs,” has appeared in a bathroom on campus. Comforting words, surely, when your identity and locations have been exposed.

“It has become socially acceptable in Berkeley to physically beat someone for being conservative,” BCR Vice President Naweed Tahmas said.

Fellow conservatives in the Young America’s Foundation told Fox News they have also been “followed by Antifa thugs” as they hung posters around campus. However, a spokesperson for UC Berkeley, Dan Mogulof, isn't accepting blame on behalf of the university or students:

“At this point there is no information or evidence suggesting the perpetrators are students or affiliated with the university. But we can guarantee that all leads will be followed so we can make every effort to impose consequences on those responsible.”

Mogulof did note that UC Berkeley “will not tolerate the harassment of its students.” Yet, the school has done very little to stop Antifa from shutting down free speech events on campus from the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and our very own David Horowitz. Mogulof said some events were canceled because of “low expected turnout,” but that could because a lot of people don’t like having their heads bashed in just for listening to a speech.

BCR member Matt Ronnau told Fox,

“The university’s response has been pathetic at best. Time and time again the university has bent over backward to protect the feelings of supposed adults, while providing no actual physical safety to the conservative minority on campus. It is unfortunate that the city of such a great college has been overrun by a lawless, anti-American, domestic terrorist organization.”

With little help from the university, conservative students are left on alert and waiting for the next attack, while wondering whatever happened to the school that is known for giving birth to the free speech movement.