CBS’s Gayle King Hits on GOP Senator Right After Talking About Sexual Harassment

Back off, Gayle. That’s a no-no.

After discussing the rampant problem of sexual harassment in Washington D.C. with Sen. Jon Thune (R-SD) on CBS This Morning, host Gayle King let her attraction for her guest be known.

King and Thune went back and forth covering the GOP’s response to Sen. Al Franken’s resignation, President Trump, and how Roy Moore is still backed by the Republican National Convention. Thune said men from both sides of the aisle are realizing there are consequences for behaving badly with women. He added that the discussion on the treatment of women as sexual objects is “long overdue” and that it can no longer be an acceptable part of our society.

The entire time, the chyron on the bottom of the screen kept displaying, “double standard,” which King was about to exemplify most perfectly when she objectified the senator:

KING: Very good to have you at the table.

THUNE: Good to be with you all, thank you. Merry Christmas, early.

KING: Very nice to see you in person.

THUNE: Yeah, likewise.

KING: You look as good in person as you do on TV.

Now, to be clear, none of us have a problem with compliments of another’s attractiveness, but this directly goes against the rules the Left created. We’re just here to point out the “double standard.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon