Trump More Dangerous than Kim Jong-Un, Says Journalist

And they both have such CRAZY hair!

During the Q&A program, which airs on ABC in Australia, American journalist and author Mei Fong compared Donald Trump to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

“The one unstable element now is the other world leader with the powerful nuclear weapons and the crazy hair, which is Donald Trump, not Kim Jong-un,” Fong said Monday night.

Fong, formerly of The Wall Street Journal, complained that Trump isn’t taking a strong enough leadership role in handling the North Korean missile crisis. And add to that, Trump pulling America out of the Paris climate agreement, and Fong says the U.S. has “gone into a hermit-like position.”

“If I were to think of 2017 as a symbol, I would think of it as a clam,” Fong added, before chiding the president:

“He’s unpredictable, everybody has said that. Everything you thought a President of the US would not do, some thing’s he has done. On the foreign policy, perhaps he hasn’t done anything as radical as he has done internally, domestic policy. But this week it could change.”

Another panelist and foreign affairs editor at The Australian, Greg Sheridan, said he believes Trump to be “a completely unacceptable person to be president” but said it would be best if Australia remains a strong ally:

“So, what is smart for Australia to do through this period is to try and preserve the alliance and get what good we can out of Trump. There are a few good things in Trump. He’s appointed a better cabinet and he hasn’t done most of the radical things that he said. He speaks like a madman, but so far he hasn’t done truly mad things.
At the end of the day, there is no substitute for America. China cannot substitute for America.”

Australia’s defense department has been considering all possibilities of how to deal with Jong-un and North Korea. The dictatorship has singled out Darwin as a target for one of its nuclear warheads. Aussie military has been in talks with the U.S. on how to handle this “clear and present danger,” a government official stated.

Sounds like they sure need “Trump Jong-un,” doesn’t it?

Fong joins the chorus of others before her who have tired of the more typical Hitler comparisons in favor of lil’ Kim, like leftists Joy Behar and Chris Matthews, both of whom are nervous that Trump’s fingers are near the nuclear button. Until they need those fingers to protect them, of course.