Kimmel: If Kim Jong Un was President, There’d Be ‘No Discernible Difference

Oh, brother.

Jimmy Kimmel says a lot of stupid things on his late-night talk show, but what he said on Tuesday night might take the entire cake.

Apparently, in Kimmel’s mind, it doesn't get any worse than Donald Trump. He even believes that if you replaced him with a brutal, murderous dictator who enslaves and tortures his people, there would be no difference between the two leaders. It’s pretty difficult to think of a more egregious example of stupidity and ignorance. 

But heeeeeeere’s Jimmy!

“And remember a couple of weeks ago he tweeted he had a bigger and more powerful nuclear button than Kim Jong-un?  Well, they just now got around to responding to that. That's how slow their wifi is in North Korea.

“So, in response to that tweet, the North Korean state media called Trump a loser, a psychopath, and said his tweet was quote, ‘a spasm of a lunatic.’ 

“I don't know, when did international relations turn into an episode of ‘Yo Momma’ on MTV? Doesn’t it seem we could switch leaders with North Korea and there would be no discernible difference whatsoever?”

Here’s an idea: switch out Kimmel for someone funny and let America see what a huge difference that would make.

Watch the clip at Grabien News.


Photo by duncan on / CC BY-NC