Taylor Swift Said 2017 Was Great Year, the Left Explodes

“Tone deaf and self-centered woman of the year, folks.”

Taylor Swift continues to be the bane of the Left’s existence. That’s because she refuses to acquiesce to their political baiting and had the audacity to say 2017 was a great year.

Swift has been a target as of late by aggressive leftists who demand all celebrities jump on their political platforms and so far, the reigning queen of pop has remained silent. As TruthRevolt editor Mark Tapson wrote last month, fashion mag Marie Claire bullied Swift for not joining in #TheResistance and for remaining apolitical. (She’s also super white and hangs out with other whites, so that’s also problematic for the Left.)

But now she’s getting another dose of guilt from the perpetually unhappy Left, despite the fact that she was at least featured on TIME’s cover for “Person of the Year” named as the #MeToo movement. 

What set the new round off was an Instagram post to her fans thinking back over the last year. Swift said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better year, all thanks to you.”



Swift is not only celebrating turning 27 this year, but also a hugely successful album which skyrocketed past 1 million sales in its first week — a feat nearly unheard of these days with everyone streaming music. It’s clear from her post that she wasn’t talking about the election of Donald Trump and was simply expressing her gratitude for becoming filthy rich and even more famous.

But the Left can’t be happy for her because she’s not using her fame for their purposes:



















In honor of The Last Jedi day, Emporer Palpatine gets the last word: