After Calling Conservatives Nazis on Twitter, Comedian Turns Down Debate Invite

Whose Leftist Is It Anyway?

Some of you may know Greg Proops from his many appearances on the television improv hit Whose Line Is It Anyway? You may not know, but could probably guess, that he’s a hateful leftist who proves it daily on Twitter.

Recently, he commented on a person suggesting others to follow the conservative or right-leaning accounts of the likes of Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Allahpundit, and Jonah Goldberg among others. Proops quipped, “You left off Goebbels.” Yeah, because conservatives are Nazis, get it?

Also included on the list was Dave Rubin, the classical liberal who hosts the very fair and balanced Rubin Report. He called out Proops and invited the comedian to come on his show and back up his claim:


Proops’ response? He blocked Rubin from his Twitter feed. This cowardly action caused Instapundit to compare Proops with brave, brave Sir Robin, the yellow-bellied knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail who always “bravely ran away” from battle. We couldn’t agree more!


Proops doesn’t have the guts, nor the evidence, to face these so-called Nazis. He knows he would lose the debate, so he ran away and hid behind the safety of his keyboard. Typical leftist.

Hollywood in Toto covered this story and included a great video by Rubin in which he dissects the many reasons why those on the Left can’t be called liberals anymore. Watch below:


P.S. If you needed any more proof that Greg Proops is terrible, he is also connected to the most-hated prequel ever, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, in which he voiced a pod racing announcer: