'Marie Claire' Mag Bullies Taylor Swift to Get Political

The left hates Swift for being white and apolitical.

The left hates two things about Taylor Swift, one of the biggest pop stars alive: one, that she's white and has white friends; two, that she refuses to get political -- in other words, she refuses to use her platform for leftist activism.

Marie Claire fashion mag is the latest to bully Swift about her refusal to get onboard #TheResistance. In an online article today titled, "5 Things Taylor Swift *Should* Have Addressed on 'Reputation' but Didn't," the mag criticizes Swift for not addressing what inquiring minds want to know on her latest album, Reputation.

Number one on that list is, "Her decision to remain apolitical during the 2016 election." This aggravates the left to no end, because pop culture has become so politicized that it's no longer enough simply to be an entertainer who appeals to all audiences. Now singers and actors and the like must openly declare the correct politics and speak out against the Trump regime or risk being ostracized by pop culture outlets like Marie Claire.

"Fall of 2016 saw a slew of celebrities become outspokenly involved in the political process, as they should have," the mag states. As they should have? Why? Why is it any entertainer's duty to get political? And by political, of course, I mean, leftist, because Marie Claire certainly doesn't want any celebs to get politically conservative.

"Taylor did post on Instagram about the fact that she was voting... but was it really enough?" the magazine posited. Yes. Yes, it's enough. "Taylor is not required to be vocal about her politics (obviously, every American has the right to keep their vote private)" -- obviously -- "but it's also fair to side-eye and question her decision to remain silent—and said silence certainly contributed to her rep."

"Whether she likes it or not, Taylor's politics (or her perceived political apathy) are a part of her reputation, and a song addressing or at least acknowledging that (even if the song did not address her personal politics) would have been welcome." Translation: "We're still waiting for Swift to prove she's either with us or against us."

Another issue the magazine wants addressed is Swift's "problematic feminism." What's problematic about it? Well, she's white. "For years, feminist critiques of Taylor have been mounting, taking aim at everything from her music videos to her mostly tall/white/thin girl squad." In other words, the fact that she has white friends is simply not "woke" and inclusive enough for "intersectional feminists" who judge you based on your skin color.

"There's no one 'right way' to be a feminist, of course," Marie Claire pretends to concede. But of course there is -- the radical left's way.

"Taylor's failure to [consider her critics] in a meaningful way has had a huge impact on her reputation." Only as far as the left is concerned. But it hasn't had an impact on her record sales, because most people just want entertainers to entertain them.