Son Whose Feminist Mom Said She Was Afraid of Him Applies for Job With Conservative Magazine

When men encounter feminism, they seek the truth.

Recently TruthRevolt reported on feminist Jody Allard's Washington Post article in which she admitted she was afraid of her own sons. Her piece, called, "My teen boys are blind to rape culture," humiliated her sons... who aren't actually sexists or rapists. Later, Allard wrote about their reaction:

He doesn’t understand why I lumped him and his brother together in my essay. He sees himself as the “good” one, the one who is sensitive and thoughtful, and who listens instead of reacts. He doesn’t understand that even quiet misogyny is misogyny, and that not all sexists sound like Twitter trolls. He is angry at me now, although he won’t admit that either, and his anger led him to conservative websites and YouTube channels; places where he can surround himself with righteous indignation against feminists, and tell himself it’s ungrateful women like me who are the problem.

I guess a broken clock is right twice a day: she is the problem! But, she still doesn't see it:

I love my sons, and I love some individual men. It pains me to say that I don’t feel emotionally safe with them, and perhaps never have with a man, but it needs to be said because far too often we are afraid to say it. This is not a reflection of something broken or damaged in me; it is a reflection of the systems we build and our boys absorb.

Her son, after being publicly shamed for his gender, started looking to conservatism to make sense of what happened to him. In response, conservative Ben Shapiro offered him an internship. "You deserve better than what your mother has provided to you," he said. "A label as a potential rapist."
In response, the kid actually applied for a job with The Daily Wire. Allard began tweeting to Shapiro. ".@benshapiro curious where that internship offer is that you're playing up as a PR stunt. My kid is waiting for your email." In response, Shapiro said he was looking forward to looking at his resume, since his mother seems "perfectly abysmal."
Image Credit: Twitter