Amy Schumer's Netflix Special Failed, Yet She Complained Big Stars Earn More

“The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do." Plus, you're not funny.

Even though comedienne Amy Schumer's Netflix special failed by all objective measures, earning poor reviews from fans and critics alike, she still demanded more money upon learning that bigger stars got more.

Variety reports that Schumer received $11 million for her Netflix standup show The Leather Special, but when she learned that A-list comedians who actually know to make people laugh without resorting to smelly vagina jokes – Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle – received $20 million each for their specials, Schumer demanded more and “received significantly more compensation."

From Breitbart

Schumer’s successful demands come despite the fact that the comedy careers of Rock and Chappelle stretch back far longer than hers, into the mid-1990s, while Schumer’s major breakthrough came in 2007 after appearing on a Live at Gotham episode for Comedy Central.

Following its release in March, The Leather Special received a flood of one-star reviews, something which Schumer blamed on right-wing trolls.

“The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do,” the comedian wrote on Instagram. “They organize to get my ratings down. Meeting in sub Reddit rooms. They tried on my book and movies and tv show. And I want to thank them.”

The fallout caused Netflix to change their rating system from five-star reviews to the thumbs up or thumbs down.