Sarah Silverman: Cancel the 'Sham Holiday' of Columbus Day

"Let's make election days holidays so working people can vote.”

Why celebrities shouldn't weigh in on things they know nothing about, Exhibit #4,317:

Unfunny comedienne Sarah Silverman chose unwisely to bring her less-than-formidable intellect to bear on the new hot fad of removing Confederate monuments, taking things a step further and urging the removal of Columbus Day, which she calls a “sham holiday.”

Newsbusters reports that Silverman was responding to Geraldo Rivera’s sarcastic tweet which asked, if Robert E. Lee is to be erased from history, why not erase Columbus Day as well, since his arrival in the New World “ignited genocide of Native Americans”?

Rivera was actually trying to make the point that this movement to erase America’s monuments is a way of erasing American history. But Silverman is all for it. In response, she tweeted:

In addition to being on the totalitarian side of history by demanding that America erase whatever and whomever doesn't suit the Progressive revolution, the ditzy Silverman seems to think that working people don't already vote, presumably because rich one-percenters won't give them time off from work. She also seems to think that if more working people voted, they would cast their vote for corrupt elites like Hillary Clinton.

She is wrong on every count, as usual, because Hollywood celebrities (at least, those who actually bother to vote after spending all their time virtue-signaling their Progressivism) are the most conformist, least informed bloc of voters in the country.