NBC News Still Stunned, Still Analyzing How Hillary Lost


It’s been nine months since Donald Trump was elected president and NBC News still can’t believe it. Like Hillary Clinton herself, they are still wondering exactly what happened on that fateful November day.

Mark Murray’s August 23, 2017, headline screams, “12 Days that Stunned a Nation: How Hillary Clinton Lost.” Amazing, isn’t it? In just over two months, Trump will have been president for a year and NBC is still trying to come to grips.

Murray begins recalling that just two weeks before the election, the Clinton camp had the “clear lead in the polls” and how “they had every right to be confident.” But then, “the ground began to move under the Clinton team’s feet” after House Oversight Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) announced the FBI reopened the case against Clinton after learning of existence of new e-mails.

“Clinton and her team were suddenly on defense, and would remain there for the rest of the race,” Murray writes. “It was a true October surprise.”

For his excruciatingly long piece, Murray sought out both Clinton and Trump operatives to get their perspective on those final 12 days, as if that will change reality. Perhaps the media isn’t through mourning and this is their best coping tactic. 

It does seem as though Murray is making some headway in overcoming the network’s worst nightmare, as he is willing to admit, “In retrospect, however, the race was never as stable as it appeared.”

Or as stable in Clinton’s favor as NBC News reported.

Better luck next time, Hill. Better yet, just give up now.