Salon Gushes Over Comedian's Live-Tweeting of GOP Debate

And to think Salon was once a serious venue for political discussion.

Rather than address any of the issues discussed on last night's first 2015 Republican presidential debate, or any of the candidates positions, the radical hate site Salon took a page out of the Alinsky manual and went for ridicule.

Now that The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has departed, the left is casting about for other comedians to lead the pop culture charge against conservatives. So Salon turned temporarily to ostensible comedian Patton Oswalt, who drunk-tweeted his way through the GOP debate:

"Patton Oswalt’s live-tweeting of the GOP debate is the best thing that happened last night," crowed the Salon headline this morning:

While most people would consider Jon Stewart’s overlong, not-really-all-that-funny farewell to have been the highlight of the evening, those who follow Patton Oswalt on Twitter know that the real fun to be had involved him, the GOP hopefuls, and a bottle of single malt Scotch whisky.

Salon posted a few dozen samples of Oswalt's alcohol-fueled comic stylings. Among them:



Seriously? If anything, the GOP slate is remarkably racially diverse while the Democrats have become the party of old white people (Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and on and on).



Presumably this is supposed to be funny because he used a curse word. As for PC culture, Oswalt is a slave to it. Imagine him making the same comment about President Obama.



This from the party that stands by the butchers at Planned Parenthood.



This from the party whose views on immigration are derived from the title of the film Without Borders.

And to think that Salon was once a serious venue for political discussion.