Rob Reiner Forms Committee to Investigate Russian Interference

Meathead Takes on Moscow

As the left struggles to digest a presidential election loss that shattered their insulated worldview, foul play becomes their only explanation for the rise of Donald J. Trump. Thus, film director and former All in the Family star Rob Reiner, renowned as much for his left-wing politics as his Hollywood pedigree, has joined other Democrats in an electoral Hail Mary: the formation of a task force to investigate the real “red state’s” infiltration of the 2016 election.

Joining forces with Atlantic senior editor David Frum, Obama-era director of National Intelligence James Clapper, conservative political commentator and prominent never-Trumper Charlie Sykes, as well as other former officials and Trump critics, the Committee to Investigate Russia will, according to the organization’s website, serve as a non-partisan command post “to help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.

Though no evidence has surfaced suggesting wrongdoing on the part of President Trump, talk of Russia, collusion, and corruption has dominated the mainstream media since the November election. In addition, both the House and Senate Intelligence committees have initiated investigations, and a separate probe is being conducted by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Further defining the-actor-formerly-known-as-Meathead’s new committee’s mission, the website states that it will be a nonprofit resource “where all relevant information is aggregated in one place to provide context and allow users to see the full picture of what Russia has done and will continue to do unless we start paying closer attention.”

Conspiracies aside, Reiner has been persistently critical of Trump, calling him a “racist president” and a “heartless prick,” and denouncing his tenure as “a cancerous presidency that we cannot allow to spread.”

“What’s interesting here,” he told MSNBC in February, “is that we really have a test, and we are being tested as to whether or not our democracy is going to survive… We have somebody who’s mentally unstable, who is a pathological liar. There’s no getting around that.”

The election has been over for almost a year; but many on the left show no signs of stopping in their fight against the will of the people, and very little readiness to admit that they lost.