Buzzfeed Hires CNN Reporter who Flubbed Russia Story to Investigate… Russia

Seriously, you can’t even make this stuff up.

Reporter Thomas Frank resigned from CNN in June after a story he wrote citing an anonymous source that alleged Russian ties with the Trump administration was discredited, forcing an embarrassed CNN to retract the story and issue an apology to Anthony Scaramucci. But not to worry, he’s back on the case as a new hire over at Buzzfeed.

An internal memo from Buzzfeed’s National Security Editor Marc Seibel told staff to expect Frank at work on October 2nd:

“The new hire is Thomas Frank, late of CNN's ill-fated investigations unit that was disbanded in the wake of the controversial Scaramucci story. I’m sure you’ve read about it… his first order of business will be the Mueller probe into Russian election meddling and possible Trump collusion.”

You really can’t make this up. 

Perhaps this time it will be different. Maybe Frank will get his man through a fun listicle, or  one of those quizzes where readers have to choose a series of emojis that will tell them who actually colluded with Russia within the Trump campaign. It's sure to be LOL-worthy.

H/T Fox News