Conan Shocked by Audience’s Gleeful Reaction to Kim Jong-Un Bashing Trump

“That was kind of a crazy moment right there.”

Conan O’Brien wasn’t expecting his audience to clap when he mentioned that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un called President Trump “mentally deranged.” Even for a leftist, the late-night host couldn’t understand how even the most ardent anti-Trumper could applaud something like that.

But that wasn’t the only jab he took at his fellow Democrats in the opening monologue. O’Brien acknowledged that too many on the Left are actually aligning themselves with a vicious dictator in their hatred for Trump. So much so, Jong-un might seem like just the right candidate for Democrats in the next presidential election.

It’s almost as if Conan took one step to the right Thursday evening and felt the cool waters of freedom, if only for a moment. Video above, transcription below:

"Hey, this afternoon, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un lashed out at President Trump, called him ‘mentally deranged’ and a ‘frightened dog.’ Yeah, yeah. As a result, Kim Jong-un is now the Democrat's top pick for president in 2020. I think he has a chance. I think he could -- That was kind of a crazy moment right there. A terrible dictator called our president a mangy dog and people are like, 'Yeah!' We're in a weird time right now. Just wanted to point that out."