Antifa Group Rallies Rioters Nationwide to ‘Deface Columbus Day’

But this is legitimate violence because oppression and stuff.

An Antifa group is rallying the troops to engage in defacement of statues of Christopher Columbus coast to coast for the upcoming national holiday. The group hopes to capitalize on several statues of the Italian explorer which have already been destroyed, decapitated, or vandalized in various cities.

Far Left Watch reports:

On Thursday, September 21st, a NYC based Antifa group, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), announced a nationwide “Deface Columbus Day” campaign in which they called on antifa groups all across the country to take action and “decorate” their neighborhoods. As we previously reported, RAM is an extremely militant group that advocates for the violent redistribution of property and they recently hosted an “Our Enemies in Blue” anti-police workshop.

The call to action was issued on Twitter, hashtagged #FuckColumbusDay and #DestryColonialism [sic]. A black-clad actor appears in the video wildly swinging an expandable steel baton, a favored weapon of the terrorists. It also shows the destruction of a Columbus statue and those torn down of the Confederacy. Participants are asked to save the date: 10/9/17.

Another Antifa website, It’s Going Down, issued the following call to arms:

The battles lines have been drawn and white supremacists are on notice. White nationalist statues are crumbling all over the US as our collective revolutionary power is growing. As the monuments of white supremacist society fall we must continue to make it clear that their reign of terror is coming to an end.
For the occasion of Columbus Day, October 9th, one of the most vile ‘holidays’ of the year, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is calling for collectives all over the country to take action against this day and in support of indigenous people in the US and abroad who have been victims of colonialism and genocide.

The website attempted to soften the planned attack by encouraging the groups to “‘decorate’ their neighborhoods as they see fit,” including banners, murals, and posters. But again, “decorate” can be interpreted “as they see fit.”

“Revolutionary greetings to the insurgent Zapatista communities, the Lakota warriors, the Mapuche fighters, and all of our indigenous comrades in the struggle,” the statement concluded. “With these actions, we renew our commitment to building a revolutionary movement strong enough to turn the tide permanently.”

Anytime "comrades" are involved, expect the worst.

Here's the thing: we know their plan and the when and where they will attack. So, let’s hope a strong police presence awaits their arrival.