Insider Cries ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Spicer’s Emmy Cameo While Obama Sketch Got Cut

It’s not fair!

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s Emmy Awards appearance is still causing a ruckus. Leftists are upset that the cameo “normalized” Spicer, but an Obama insider is crying all-out “hypocrisy” that the light-hearted moment was allowed to air. That’s because four years ago, a sketch written for Obama was cut at the last minute because of politics.

The Wrap has the exclusive story:

[A]n Obama team insider says Spicer’s cameo “reeks of hypocrisy,” because the academy indicated four years ago it was “solely focused on TV and doesn’t address politics or politicians.”

“Obama was political, but Spicer is not?” said the insider, who was involved in writing the skit and spoke out on condition of anonymity. “This whole thing reeks of hypocrisy.”

The sketch would’ve featured Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah as Obama, Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn, and the president himself and was supposed to help push open enrollment in the Affordable Care Act and remind Americans to sign up. The insider said, “It was not a political skit at all. It was more of a ‘wear-your-seat-belt’-type PSA poking fun at the ubiquity of the message coming from the White House at the time.”

However, Bruce Rosenblum, who was head of the Television Academy at the time and was a contributor to Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign in 2015, is said to have pulled the Obama sketch at the last minute. It was so sudden, Obama’s team was pretty upset because of all the time spent rehearsing the sketch. The insider said Rosenblum absolutely pulled the plug because it was too political. The producer of the 2013 Emmys, Ken Ehrlich, doesn’t remember it that way:

“I don’t believe it was nixed by the TV Academy, but rather because it didn’t come together the way we had hoped it would.”

Similarly, another anonymous person involved in the production told The Wrap, “We went into the show heavy, it went really long, things had to get cut… Some things that were really good ideas didn’t make it.”

But the Obama insider insists that since President Obama was cut, Sean Spicer should’ve never been allowed on stage. Then again, any excuse is valid for a leftist to whine about the Trump administration.