Rhodes Scholar Claims Discrimination Against Conservatives Within the Organization

"[They] have shown a consistent pattern of banning debates as soon as conservative opinions are...voiced."

In a letter sent last week to the Rhodes trustees, a Rhodes scholar accuses the organization of being intolerant of those whose views do not follow left-wing politics.

As reported by The Daily Caller, Dan Lubrich, a spokesperson for Rhodes Scholars for Intellectual Diversity — a free-speech group advocating diverse viewpoints among members of the elite leadership club — claims in a written correspondence that he was banned from a Rhodes House discussion forum. Furthermore, Rhodes House would not allow the group to advertise itself as a Rhodes Scholar coterie.

In the letter, Lubrich states, matter-of-factly:

“Rhodes House and its Warden, Charles Conn, have shown a consistent pattern of banning debates on the Rhodes Internal Forum as soon as conservative opinions are being voiced.”

Lubrich maintains that the partisan politics of the organization has been a growing problem for some time, recently culminating with fascistic treatment of right-wing ideas:

“Continuing a long process of politicization and left-shift of the Trust and scholar selections, the past year has shown that this dynamic has entered its next logical stage: outright censorship and exclusion of contrarian views and those expressing them.”

In addition to protesting the current set of circumstances, Lubrich names the qualities he believes the next Rhodes warden must possess. Among them are a fair approach to the selection process, a history free of service as a political activist or pundit, a detachment from political nonprofits, and a dedication to the First Amendment.

Citing examples of the Rhodes organization’s political leanings, Lubrich indicates that the Rhodes Trust maintains a partnership with the Atlantic Institute, whose Fellows serve in racial “equity” programs. Furthermore, 10 out of 11 U.S. politicians who are Rhodes Alumni are Democrats, and all Rhodes Canadian politicians are left-wing. In fact, according to Lubrich, many of the Rhodes scholars of 2017 have either researched or taken part in Black Lives Matter, gender-neutral restrooms, climate change, and other leftist political issues.

The warden has claimed they only list groups which are currently led by Scholars in residence at Oxford; moreover, he has denied allegations of partisan politics, claiming that Lubrich violated conduct rules in the forum and was therefore restricted. Lubrich has replied:

“Other than calling socialists out as socialists, I did not attack anyone with smears.”

Lubrich insists that leftists in the forum have called him and other members of the Rhodes Scholars for Intellectual Diversity group selfish, xenophobic, and fascist, with no punishment whatsoever, and yet his conservative comments have been banned. In the present world of leftist thought policing, that isn't hard to believe.