Dr. Strange Director: Christians Are Greedy Racists

"Don’t even call me Christian."

According to an ABCNEWS/Beliefnet poll in July, 83% percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. So what does Hollywood — the industry that theoretically wants to fill theaters with patrons -- do? Why, it caters to…oh, wait — it doesn’t. This was demonstrated by a tweet from Dr. Strange director Scott Derrickson, which was posted Saturday.

In addition to 2016’s critically-acclaimed megahit Doctor Strange, Derrickson has been the eye behind successful films such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister. Having also co-written Strange, Derrickson would seem to have a knack for appealing to audiences. The filmmaker seemed to have lost considerable mojo, though, as he attacked members of the world’s largest religion:

Christians put Trump into office, because mainstream American Christianity is racist, greedy, and nationalistic — things Christ was vehemently against.

So don’t ever call me an Evangelical. In fact, don’t even call me Christian unless you know what I mean by that.


Of course, one can expect a hardy backlash when you offend a group with 2.3 billion members. Particularly when your statement is based on ignorance and bigotry. Even if you are a self-described Christian, which Derrickson is, though apparently with footnotes:

Call me a Christian and I'll ask you to clarify what you mean.


Nationalism seems to be the Left’s new buzzword for “patriotism,” and racism is difficult to gauge; but when it comes to verifiable greed, Derrickson’s castigation of the Christian community flies in the face of facts: according to the Washington Times in October, data — which is consistent with many studies prior — indicates that religious Americans -- a group in which the majority are Christian -- are more charitable than those who are non-religious. 

As is the case with many Hollywood counter-cultural leftists, facts matter less than their agenda. Some of Derrickson's Twitter followers, however, weren't confused, as they gave his sentiments far less than two enthusiastic thumbs up:










One tweeter accused the left-wing director of his own "racism" -- that of changing a familiar character in the Doctor Strange comics from an Asian to a Caucasian:

Such is life in the Twitterverse, where debates aren't won or lost, merely waged. Director Scott Derrickson is waging his -- against Christians. And against racism, nationalism, and greed -- the things, according to avowed Democrat Derrickson -- that Jesus was against. Although, Derrickson may want to step back on that last item, and take a look at his own hypocrisy: according to one site, the Hollywood heavyweight is worth $22 million. We'll be standing by for him to do the truly Christian thing, and give it all away. What would Jesus do, Scott?


Photo by JD Hancock on Foter.com / CC BY