MSNBC and WaPo: Franken Resignation Against Women and Justice

"I'm not so confident that this is a good outcome."

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell joined forces with the Washington Post’s Deputy Editorial Page Editor Ruth Marcus to shout an “amen” in response to Tom Brokaw’s warning against “rushing to judgment” over Al Franken’s damning charges.

Marcus particularly expressed sadness over the Minnesota senator’s resignation, comparing Franken to — puzzlingly — a politician (and a Democrat, no less) who’s been on trial for corruption. In a move that runs completely counter to common sense, she asserted that the former Saturday Night Live writer’s unseating was a loss for “women and “justice”:

“For Democrats, in terms of short-term political benefit, this is a good outcome. For Senator Franken, for justice, and in some way, maybe for women, I'm not so confident that this is a good outcome. Because, I mean…he doesn't have as much process as a dope-peddler…Senator Menendez, who’s been in a criminal trial…is going to get the benefit of the ethics process, a benefit that Senator Franken is not getting…We say ‘zero tolerance.’ Does that mean that every act deserves the death penalty? Which was what we saw for Senator Franken here, is the political death penalty.”

Maybe for women? In only "some way"?

For her part, Mitchell blamed Franken's downfall on Republicans, and she made sure to note the virtuousness of Democrats for good measure:

"It's very clear to me that this would not have happened absent the Alabama race, that what happened here is that the Democrats wanted to…force Franken out, because they want to draw a bright line between the way they handle these issues and what is, you know, apparently, happening with the endorsement by the President now of Roy Moore and the support of the Republican National Committee.”

A bright line, drawn by the party of purity and light, the Democrats -- in contrast to the party of depravity and darkness, the Republicans.

Marcus and Mitchell’s support of Democrat Franken and their obvious desire to overlook disturbing allegations against him are nothing new for the mainstream media: on November 20th, in her article "When Our Allies Are Accused of Harassment," writer Michelle Goldberg insisted that politicians like Franken who “care about women’s rights shouldn’t be expected to prove it by being willing to hand power to people devoted to taking those rights away.” “Other people,” in this case, would be — of course — Republicans. Goldberg further flaunted her bias with the admission, "I adore him."

The mainstream media is as transparent as any political entity; they want to see Democrats win while Republicans fail; they want to see left-wing policies subvert right-wing values. They want political narrative to triumph over facts; and in the case of Al Franken, they want a politician to remain in power, no matter how many women he may have abused.