Radical GQ Columnist: ‘We Have a White-People Problem’ in America, Not Gun Problem

“We are surrounded, outnumbered, out-resourced and outgunned.”

Radical racist and GQ columnist Damon Young contends in his latest article for The Root’s Very Smart Brothas that America doesn’t have a gun problem but a “white-people problem.”

“In America, white people are everywhere, and this ubiquity connects to perhaps our greatest irony: We (black people) are vastly outnumbered by them,” Young writes. “They also own more land, earn and possess more money, and have all the guns.”

Additionally, Young laments, it’s white people who make the laws and white people that enforce them:

We are surrounded, outnumbered, out-resourced and outgunned. Our entire existence here is a continual assault on our bodies.

That last statement can’t be true because when could Young find all this time to write and make paychecks if he is under constant assault by whites? When does he get time to sleep, eat, or shop? Perhaps it really isn’t a constant attack like Young claims, but an overstatement meant to get a rise out of his readers — those same readers who obviously can’t spend any time on the internet because they're constantly assaulted by whites. See the illogic here?

Yet, Young continues wallowing in victimhood, saying it’s black people who have to go out of their way to speak, act, and dress differently, and to teach their children to do the same, to not look so threatening in order to appease the white man. Young forgets that white parents also teach their children to dress a certain way, act a certain way, and speak a certain way so they can better themselves and be a productive member of society. It's just good advice, not white supremacy.

But the bloviating, profanity-laced white-hatred continues:

This fear is why they’re so obsessed with arming themselves with multiple human killing machines. It’s why they fight against even the notion of incremental disarmament so vehemently. They are scared shitless of us. Of anyone who is not them. And this fear is why our shitty gun laws exist, and it’s why they will continue to…

I doubt we’ll see any movement on guns until they acknowledge this pervasive and delusional and self-destructive collective fear and go to therapy. And if that doesn’t work, maybe we just need to buy them some fucking maps.

Why maps? Because Young began his article noting how white people live in all the cities and out in the country, too. Whereas black populations are concentrated around urban centers. Sounds like he would prefer segregation if white people get to keep their guns. Wonder what he feels about the idea of living in Chicago? We hear that’s a virtual black utopia of peace and love, man.

If you'd like to get deeper into the depraved mind of a radical leftist like Young, check out his commentary on why white people are racist because they treat animals better than minorities. Presumably he gets paid for this drivel -- in between all the assaults, of course.