GQ: Man Rescuing Bunny From Wildfire Reveals Whites' Hatred for Blacks

"I can’t help juxtaposing...with the feelings...when black people are in grave danger.”

On Wednesday, December 6th, during the raging Thomas Fire in California, Caleb Wadnan rescued a scared rabbit in an amazing viral video. The clip of Wadnan risking harm to save the frightened and screaming bunny moved the world. But to Damon Young, a columnist for, Wadnan’s kind deed was a glaring symbol of white American racism.

Young’s article, written for the ironically-named digital magazine Very Smart Brothas, is titled “The Video of the Man Saving the Rabbit from the Fire Captures Everything Wrong with Whiteness in 30 Seconds.” In it, he contends that Wadnan’s act of bravery proves that whites care more for animals than for black people.

Yes — he really says this.

In Young’s own words, Wadnan’s heart-warming feat illustrates “everything good about humanity.” However, he asserts:

"When witnessing the act and the fawning over the bunny rescue, I can’t help juxtaposing the feelings expressed about this bunny with the feelings generally expressed when black people are in grave danger.”

What feelings "generally expressed?"

For GQ’s Young, Wadnan’s rabbit rescue was “the whitest thing” he’s ever seen, exposing "everything problematic about white people." Furthermore:

"I do know that whether it’s rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, cows, sloths, chickens, spiders, birds, elephants, penguins, polar bears, monkeys, whales, eels, elephants or velociraptors, the lives and well-being of animals seem to be considered—by many white Americans—much more precious and much more deserving of protection and care than the lives of black people."

Of course, Young provides no evidence for his claim, perhaps most of all because none exists in all of the known world. Unsurprisingly, during his hypocritical lament, Young names the racist Black Lives Matter movement as the opposite of racism:

"I’m not suggesting that Caleb Wadnan...wouldn’t have done the same thing if he saw a helpless black toddler out there scurrying around. For all I know, Wadnan...was on the way to a #BlackLivesMatter meeting."

The GQ writer also manages to insinuate that whites habitually shoot blacks on sight. Referring to the prospect of aliens landing, he insists, "We all know the only way they’d be shot on sight was if they had cornrows."

We all know this?

Young's racism is what happens when race-baiters such as Barack Obama and actually-white Shaun King -- and demagogues all over the Left -- fill the minds of a generation with an ignorant whites-hate-blacks narrative.

The most disturbing part of Young's article comes at the very end:

"Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB and a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins)."

Way to go, HarperCollins and GQ: in supporting left-wing Damon Young, you're encouraging -- and spreading -- racism and hypocrisy, not to mention an incredibly imbecilic worldview.