PROOF: Google Fact-Checks Only Conservative Websites

TruthRevolt gets reviewed by Google's "fact" checkers. Media Matters does not.

If you head to and search for “Truth Revolt,” the results will tell you a little about our website and what we cover. But a new feature Google offers to the side of the page includes a tab for “Reviewed Claims.” This is Google’s new fact-check feature. It looks like this:

You can do this for FrontPage Magazine,, The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, The Blaze, The Federalist, and other conservative outlets and get the same result: a “Reviewed Claims” section.

But what if you type in, say, Media Matters, or any number of other leftist outlets? Suddenly, the tab is mysteriously missing from Google’s results:


Try Mother Jones:


How about Slate?




Surely The Daily Beast needs fact checking?


But Daily Kos and Alternet, right?

Nope. Nothing for BuzzFeed or HuffPost either. And don’t even think about The New York Times or The Washington Post being included. Their results will tell you the Pulitzer Prizes they’ve been awarded through the years for breaking news, not the fake news often peddled.

The only leftist site we could find that gets fact-checked is Occupy Democrats:

Perhaps the reason for this imbalance is because Google uses leftist fact-checking sites like, Politifact, and Climate Feedback.

But there’s another problem. One of our stories that was reviewed was fact-checked for the wrong reasons. It says we claimed President Trump ignored Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and impatiently dumped fish food into a koi pond during his visit to the country. Google links to Snopes, another biased site run by leftists, that explains TruthRevolt “miscaptioned” the story. In fact, our story was the exact opposite. We were pointing out the fact that the mainstream media used edited video in an attempt to make Trump look like a fish murderer by dumping out all of his food. The video intentionally cut out the part where the Japanese PM dumped all of his food first; Trump was just following suit. 

Is Google going to fact-check the fact-checkers? Doesn’t seem so. 

This revelation only adds to the impetus of ex-Google engineer James Damore’s lawsuit against his former employer for its anti-conservative bias — as if we needed more proof.