Trump Feeds Fish in Japan, Media Melts Down Over Diplomatic Implications

No koi is safe from the evil, orange monster.

While visiting with the prime minister of Japan, President Trump joined in a ceremonial feeding at a koi pond. After a few spoonfuls, Trump grew tired of the slow pace and dumped out the entire contents of his box of fish food. At least, that's what they want you to believe. The mainstream media went nuts, thinking he made a blunder so bad it would ruin diplomatic relations for centuries to come.

CNN shared a video clip of the perceived disaster with a close-up of Trump trying to murder fish with too much food:

That zoomed clip, which mysteriously cut out PM Shinzo Abe from the frame, was shared by others, including Veronica Rocha who was with the LA Times but now does breaking news for CNN. The Palmer Report, which describes itself as “accurate, honest political journalism,” also tweeted, “We've reached the stage of Trump's senility where ‘Donald Trump pours entire box of fish food into koi pond as Rex Tillerson looks on in horror’ is a true headline.” The AFP news agency called it a “feeding frenzy,” while Metro UK described Trump getting “impatient” before tipping out the entire box.

Former Hillary Clinton spokesman-turned CNN political commentator Brian Fallon tweeted:

NBC News’ Monica Alba joined in the shock of it all:

And on and on it went.

But here is what all the zoomed videos and perfectly timed photos left out: PM Abe dumped his entire box of fish food first and Trump simply followed his lead:

Oops! There goes the fake news narrative.

Christina Wilkie, who covers the Trump administration for CNBC was forced to delete her tweet after she realized she fell for fake news — as did Dartmouth professor and NY Times contributor Brendan Nyhan did, as well as Yashar Ali from New York magazine and the HuffPost. But the retweets and likes this narrative got from this viral spreading the fake news can’t be taken back. And that's the whole idea.