Media Hall of Shame: Tom Brokaw: Trump is Hitler But There’s No ‘Liberal Media’

Welcome to the hall, Brokaw.

Veteran NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw deserves a spot on TruthRevolt’s Media Hall of Shame if for nothing else than chiding conservatives for believing in the myth of the “liberal media” when it's the right that clearly has the biased Fox News. But you don’t make it into the Hall just for saying that. Read on.

In an interview with Savannah Guthrie on Thursday’s Today on NBC, Brokaw was discussing Donald Trump’s ongoing battle with the liberal media.

“His complaints have been, apparently, that he thinks there’s a media conspiracy [against him] of some kind,” Brokaw said.

Guthrie said, though, this is probably a feeling most presidential candidates have had.

“Absolutely true,” Brokaw agreed. “And especially on the Republican side, they always feel that there's a liberal media. But that – the fact of the matter is you have Fox News and a lot of other publications and social media, which has become very, very important in this process.”

Quite the exhaustive list of conservative outlets, Mr. Brokaw. Perhaps the journalist in him didn’t want to waste a bunch of time doing research.

Claiming there’s no liberal bias in the media isn’t new for Brokaw, nor is his hypocrisy for being complicit. Check out this Townhall article from 2004:

In an interview with Jane Hall in the most recent Columbia Journalism Review, Brokaw suggests there is no such thing as liberal media bias ... and then asserts that liberal bias is an "obligation" of journalism. Journalists should "represent the views of those who are underrepresented in the social context, or the political context, and to make sure that they're not overlooked, and that their wrongs get the bright light of journalistic sunshine."

He's not talking about pro-lifers. He's not talking about tax cutters. He's talking about the "little guy" and the journalist's noble quest to better his world. Try to put that puzzle together. There is no liberal agenda. There is only a journalistic agenda to extol the virtues of the liberal impulse.

Then there was the time Brokaw compared Trump to Hitler. TruthRevolt reported on that moment last year when the media was fresh abuzz with the so-called “Muslim ban” soundbite from the Trump campaign. Brokaw ended a Nightly News segment happy to make the connection:

"Donald Trump's promise to ban all Muslims from coming to America is much more than a shouted campaign provocation," Brokaw began in his video segment. "Trump's statement, even in this season of extremes, is a dangerous proposal that overrides history, the law, and the foundation of America itself. In my lifetime alone, we have been witness to the consequences of paranoia overriding reason."

Brokaw then looks back over modern history, pointing to the law-abiding American-Japanese citizens who were herded to internment camps during WWII, Hitler's mass murder of Jews that ultimately brought Germany's destruction and "history's condemnation," and Sen. Joe McCarthy's "reckless anti-communist witch hunt" in the 1950s. Adding more, Brokaw spoke about blacks being second-class citizens during the Civil Rights era. This was all a set up to buttress his take on Trump's comments:

"Yes, the jihadists are radical Muslims, but they're a minority in a world with a billion-and-a-half Muslims. Even so, defeating ISIS will be long, hard, and expensive. Perhaps even more so now because ISIS is likely to use Donald Trump's statement as a recruiting tool."

During the midterm elections in 2014 — you may remember that Republicans unleashed an all-out assault on Democrats taking control of the House and Senate — Brokaw resorted to joking around during the post-election coverage because what else is there to do when you've lost that bad. Flanked by consummate liberal talkers Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, Brokaw brought some much needed comic relief amongst the sad faces of the panelists who weren’t exactly in the mood to celebrate.

Next up: gun control.

Immediately following the Orlando terror attack, that is, even before all of the information was known, Brokaw was on Meet the Press calling for gun control — certainly not a conservative idea. Worse yet, the veteran anchor claimed there was no “dialogue going on in America about all these mass shootings.” What? He apparently doesn’t tune into the news after every mass shooting.

Brokaw passionately stated that the American mentality of “you gotta problem, get a gun” has “got to come to an end” because “it’s a terrible commentary.”

“You know, I'm a gun owner,” he added. “I’ve been saying this for months now: it's time for people to come together and say, 'Enough!’”

At the time, it wasn’t known what type of gun was used in the Orlando massacre, but Brokaw said an “assault weapon” should “not be in civilian hands.” Why? Get ready for this one: “It’s been designed to do one thing: to kill people.”

Like all other guns. Got it.

So, just scratching the surface, we have multiple instances of liberal talking points broadcast over the American airwaves for at least a decade, and yet, Brokaw believes there’s no liberal bias in the media.

To that we say, welcome to the Hall, Brokaw!