CA Tax Dollars Funding Eric Holder Firm to Develop ‘Legal Strategies’ Against Trump

The corruption continues.

Continuing a tradition of corruption fostered during the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder is making a nice paycheck thanks to California taxpayers funding his law firm $25,000 a month for 40 hours of work in developing “legal strategies” against President Trump, according to an explosive report by Judicial Watch.

Holder’s Covington and Burling Law Firm, which some have called a “shadow Justice Department,” are in contract with state lawmakers to go after Trump on issues like the environment, immigration, and criminal justice reform. 

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, who requested the information from the California Legislature Joint Rules Committee, said, “The new records show California state legislators are wasting tax dollars to bankroll another corrupt politician – Eric Holder – under the pretense of attacking the Trump administration.”

“This expensive contract is crony corruption pure and simple,” he added. “The swamp of public corruption has taken over California.”

The contract was announced in January by California leaders who are concerned about the “extraordinary challenges” in their state “in the uncertain times ahead” under President Trump. On Tuesday, Holder visited Sacramento to hold a closed-door meeting with Gov. Jerry Brown. The former AG told reporters that he was there to assist lawmakers and the people of California and protect their interests. According to Fox News, when a reporter asked how he was doing it, Holder simply stated, “Well.”

One state lawmaker, California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R), isn’t happy about the contract and believes it is illegal.

Holder was not only Obama’s longest-serving Cabinet members, but also his most controversial. Holder has the distinction of the first U.S. attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress on both civil and criminal grounds for refusing to turn over documents related to Operation Fast and Furious. Holder’s DoJ also dismissed a voting rights case against the New Black Panther Party even though its members intimidate voters outside of a polling station in Philadelphia during Obama’s first election in 2008. The DoJ under Holder’s watch also spied on The Associated Press in 2013 and collected the phone records of reporters and editors.

If he was willing to do illegal things as attorney general with the most at stake, it's safe to assume doing it in the private sector will be a walk in the park.