Pee Wee Football Team Allowed to Kneel for National Anthem

What great influence coming from NFL stars.

The coach of a pee wee football team in Belleville, Illinois, allowed the entire team to take a knee instead of stand at attention during the national anthem at the start of the game.

Orlando Gooden coaches the Cahokia Quarterback Club team which is comprised of kids eight and under. Gooden told Fox 2:

“One of the kids asked me did I see them protesting and rioting in St. Louis, and I said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Do you know why they’re doing it?' Because black people are getting killed and nobody's going to jail.”

“I felt like it was a good teaching moment for me to circle the team up and have a brief meeting,” the coach added.

Gooden told his team about the reasons behind Colin Kaepernick’s protests and the kids wanted to do it, too.

“One of the kids asked, ‘Can we do that?’ Those were his words. I said, ‘As long as we know why we're doing it, I don’t have any problem with kneeling,’” Gooden said.

Coach Gooden insisted that he teaches his kids “love, integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, and boundaries.” And added, “As long as I have support of my parents and team, I’m perfectly fine, and I'm covered under the First Amendment to peacefully protest and assemble.”

Watch the video below: