Obama Takes Picture with Baby and Now Everyone Wants to #BringBackObama

No thanks! Been there, done that.

So much swooning by the media after a picture of former President Barack Obama holding a baby at an airport goes viral. Yes, that’s a cute baby and yes, it’s cool to meet a president of the United States, but it’s clear by their coverage of this story that the media prefers the previous one over the current one.

“‘Oh my God, it is Obama’: Alaska mom, baby meet ex-president,” the Associated Press headline screamed about the woman, Jolene Jackinsky, who happened to be in the same private section of the Anchorage International Airport as Obama. He walked up to the family and said, “Who is this pretty girl?” and gave the family a memory forever immortalized in pictures.

The Huffington Post ate it up, calling Obama a “baby whisperer” and including its story under the “Politics” section of their website, something Newsbusters rightly noted was quite the “stretch.”

CNN dubbed it “Politics,” as well, and somehow could read the baby’s mind: “Obama charms seemingly stoked Alaskan baby.” Stoked? How do they know that? The CNN article echoed HuffPo, noting Obama’s “baby-whispering skills.”

CBS News did a saccharin segment on the encounter as seen in the video above. And on and on it went as if Obama is the only president to ever have successfully held a baby and pose for a cute picture. Could Trump be a baby whisperer?


George W?

No way!

But the Obama loving didn’t stop there. The hashtag #BringBackObama was trending on Twitter on Wednesday. While the expected fawning continued, others didn’t like the idea at all: