NPR Calls Fake Rape Accuser Emma Sulkowicz a ‘Survivor'

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

National Public Radio did an entire segment on All Things Considered that featured Columbia University graduate Emma Sulkowicz, also known as "Mattress Girl" because she carried around a mattress until the university brought her so-called rapist to justice. Columbia even gave her credit for doing this as some sort of "performance art."  

The only problem? Sulkowicz lost her case against the accused foreign student, Paul Nungesser. Not only did the police refuse to charge him, a campus adjudication -- which had an extremely low standard of evidence -- cleared the male student of any wrongdoing. Turns out he didn't like being called a rapist all year so he sued the university.... which promptly settled with him.

NPR reporter Tovia Smith, however, didn't use any of this readily available information. In fact, she called Sulkowicz a “survivor” even though she was actually a bully against the international student she wrongly accused. Some might even call her a sadist.

The College Fix helpfully did some research for NPR on Sulkowicz:

She is the nationally known “Mattress Girl,” she accused Nungesser of anal rape after asking him to “fuck me in the butt,” she lost in a venue tilted toward accusers, she harassed an exonerated student with Columbia’s complicity for years (including school-sponsored revenge porn), she was celebrated and feted by a U.S. senator, and she made the porn equivalent of O.J. Simpsons’s quasi-confessional If I Did It.

Sounds like a perfect NPR guest, after all.

Image Credit: Adam Sherman (Adam Sherman by email) [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

h/t College Fix