'The View': Obama Would’ve Been ‘Impeached’ Over Stormy Daniels Due to 'Double Standard'

"It would be straight to impeachment. The double standard of that infuriates me."

On The View Wednesday, the left-wing ladies marveled that porn star Stormy Daniels has filed suit against President Trump, and yet -- somehow -- he remains in office. 

Guesting was Elaine Welteroth, recently-resigned editor for Teen Vogue, under whose tenure the politically radical publication offered young girls a how-to guide on anal sex. Aghast over Daniels's lawsuit -- yet unable to explain why a sex worker should be in control of the presidency -- the 31-year-old insisted that, had Obama been in the same situation, his term would have been toast:

“That this is normalized is blowing my mind...It is...because I can't help but think about the double standard. If Obama were president--”

Co-host Sunny Hosted piped, "Oh, forget it!" Welteroth continued:

“-- and was accused of a percentage of what we know about President Trump, we would not even -- it would be straight to impeachment. The double standard of that infuriates me and I just think we can't normalize this conversation.”

Given that the media is chiefly comprised of those on the Left keen on pushing an agenda, it is easy to understand there being effective bias. However, the fact that anyone could believe the deck was stacked against Obama is breathtakingly delusional.

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg shrugged off affairs in the White House -- presumably as to not vilify Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton -- although the dismissal was itself wholly misleading, as Daniels claims to have engaged in a tryst with Trump a full decade before he was elected to any public office. Behar characteristically cackled:

“Adultery in the White House is as American as apple pie, honey."

Welteroth immediately fawned:

“Not for a black man in America who made it to presidency!”

Whoopi Goldberg and token conservative Meghan McCain expressed more interest in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation -- for which there has been no evidence found -- with McCain asserting that Trump's supporters aren't interested in a story about a twelve-year-old affair. McCain is correct, yet the media seems obsessed with Daniels. She's been granted much more attention and legitimacy than was given to Bill Clinton's many accusers, and that fact alone should dispel any notion of bias in favor of Trump. Yet, the long-running daytime talk show -- despite its name -- remains largely drunk with leftism, its perspective on Republicans an inebriated distortion, its "view" of Democrats perpetually tainted by left-wing beer goggles.